San Juan woman files police complaint against Keisse

Waitress reports Belgian rider to police after he grazed genitals against her while posing for photo

A waitress in San Juan has filed a police complaint against Iljo Keisse after the Deceuninck-QuickStep rider feigned a sexual act behind her and 'intentionally grazed her with his genitals' while posing for a photograph with her and his teammates.

The waitress, who has not been named, had been serving Keisse and his teammates, who are in Argentina for the Vuelta a San Juan, at a café in the centre of San Juan when the incident happened. Speaking to the local media, she explained that she had spoken with the riders briefly before asking for a photo. While posing for the photo, Keisse put his hands behind his head while pushing his genitals up against the woman.


"I speak some English. They made an order. I did not know the Vuelta a San Juan was there and they explained what they were doing, that they were coming to compete. I asked for a photo and I felt they encouraged me. I thought it was an accident, but later I realised that it wasn’t an accident,” she told Telesoldiario.

After seeing the photograph, the woman decided to take the matter to a lawyer and then to the police. She expressed her anger at the situation and called on the organisers of the Vuelta a San Juan to sanction Keisse.

"I am very angry. They disrespected me; I was working, I asked for a photo and they disrespected me. I already spoke with my lawyers to see what we can do. My partner saw the situation and he is a witness,” she explained.

"They cannot come to another country and treat women as things, as something insignificant and worthless. This is Argentina and he cannot come to do what he wants. I hope that at least they sanction him or call his attention for doing what he did."

Telesoldiario reported that Keisse will be required to appear before the Third Court of Misdemeanours. Tiempo de San Juan reported that the organisers will issue a punishment but did not say what it would be.

Cyclingnews contacted Deceuninck-QuickStep, who were unable to provide a comment at the time.

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