Samuel Sanchez criticises Armstrong ban

Euskaltel rider says there was no “direct evidence”

Samuel Sanchez is against the decision to sanction Lance Armstrong for doping, because the American “never tested positive.” There was no direct evidence, only “verbal accusations”, the Euskaltel-Euskadi rider said.

On Monday the UCI said that it would accept the USADA's decision to ban Armstrong and disqualify his results dating back to 1998.

"I don't find it right,” he told La Sexta. “I think there should be a fair trial. You cannot punish a person only by verbal accusations. I think Lance has not tested positive throughout his career, was never sanctioned and now we see it all in cycling. One is accused of doping and they take away your career,.”

In a radio interview, Sanchez called the process a “show trial”, according to the Efe news agency. “A battle is created in the media and creates journalistic bombs that put public opinion against the athlete and punish you. This should not be the case.”

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