Rolf Sørensen says Contador suspension could help Danish cycling

Saxo Bank-SunGard would have to change priorities at Tour

Danish cycling could benefit if Alberto Contador is suspended, according to Rolf Sørensen. The former pro rider says young Danish talents on Saxo Bank-SunGard may now get more chances.

Sørensen told that he was specifically thinking of Chris Anker Sørensen, a climbing specialist.

“Chris Anker Sørensen will go for the polka-dot mountain jersey,” Rolf Sørensen said. “It is obviously not the same as winning he Tour de France, but the team must turn it into something positive. There is more room to learn some things and try some things.”

Instead of looking for the overall victory, the team would have to change its goals, “If you ride with Contador, the team is very locked into place. He is expected to win the yellow jersey. But if he is not there, you suddenly have a completely different team to go for stage wins and it gives the young Danish talent possibilities," he said.

Sørensen said it would be a pity if Contador were suspended on doping charges and could not ride the Tour this year. ”Personally I think yes, it is unfortunate for the Tour de France, if Alberto Contador is not included.”

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