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Riders ready to start Tour Divide

Cycling News
June 09, 2011, 21:30 BST,
June 09, 2011, 22:44 BST
MTB News & Racing Round-up, Saturday, June 11, 2011
Bears are seen sometimes during the Tour Divide race.

Bears are seen sometimes during the Tour Divide race.

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Annual self-supported race kicks off Friday

A huge field is set to start the 2011 Tour Divide on Friday, June 10. Seventy racers are on the start list for beginning at the northern end in Banff, Alberta, Canada, while another 18 are planning on starting from the southern terminus at Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Of those signed up in advance, only 10 are veterans; the rest are rookies. Notably, five-time winner and well known Divide racer Matt Lee is not listed on the Tour Divide 2011 start list.

The Tour Divide is a self-supported annual race covering 2745 miles (4418km) along the Continental Divide in the US and part of Canada. It requires no entry fee or formal registration. There are no prizes for finishing. Riders call in to a toll-free number en route to leave voicemails with their status updates. They are also tracked in real time by spot trackers.

In 2010, Lee won the seventh edition of the Tour Divide in a time of 17 days, 15 hours and 10 minutes.

To follow the progress of racers, visit the race website, including the live tracker at

Tour Divide Start List

Starting from Banff, Alberta, Canada
# Rider Name (Country) Team  
1 Markley Anderson (Charlottesville, Virginia) Rookie    
2 Robert Anderson (Crozet, Virginia) Rookie    
3 Lukas Aufschläger (Bern, Switzerland) Rookie    
4 Daniel Bayley (Redding, California) Rookie    
5 Derek Bentley (Gainesville, Florida) Rookie    
6 Dejay Birtch (Tucson, Arizona) Rookie    
7 Jacqueline Bonn (Vancouver, British Columbia) Rookie    
8 Jefe Branham (Gunnison, Colorado) Rookie    
9 Cadet Bryant (Odessa, Texas) Veteran    
10 Saemi Burkart (Villmergen, Switzerland) Rookie    
11 Luke Bush (Cape Town, South Africa) Rookie    
12 Reid Christiansen (White Rock, British Columbia) Veteran    
13 Marco Costa (Varallo Sesia, Italy) Rookie    
14 Kevin Cunniffe (Derby, United Kingdom) Rookie    
15 Norb DeKerchove (Boise, Idaho) Rookie    
16 Luke Doney (St. Louis, Missouri) Rookie    
17 Mark Erhart (Las Vegas, Nevada) Rookie    
18 JP Evans (McKinney, Texas) Rookie    
19 Tori Fahey (Calgary, Alberta) Rookie    
20 Robert Giannini (Athens, Georgia) Rookie    
21 David Goldberg (Fort Collins, Colorado) Veteran    
22 Lance Griffin (Christchurch, New Zealand) Rookie    
23 John Griffiths (New York, New York) Rookie    
24 Adam Guske (Fort Collins, Colorado) Rookie    
25 Kevin Hall (Versailles, Kentucky) Veteran    
26 Mike Hall (Cardiff, United Kingdom) Rookie    
27 Aidan Harding (London, United Kingdom) Veteran    
28 Simon Harling (Caerphilly, Wales, United Kingdom) Rookie    
29 Danny Hill (Ishpeming, Michigan) Rookie    
30 James Hodges (Purcellville, Virginia) Rookie    
31 David Horton (Lynchburg, Virginia) Rookie    
32 Paul Jobling (Cologne, Germany) Rookie    
33 Nathan Jones (Portland, Oregon) Veteran    
34 Nicholas Kennedy (College Station, Texas) Rookie    
35 Jake Kirkpatrick (Boulder, Colorado) Rookie    
36 Reto Koller (Büttikon, Switzerland) Rookie    
37 Lee Krumholz (Norman, Oklahoma) Rookie    
38 Taylor Lideen (Phoenix, Arizona) Rookie    
39 Joel Martínez (Barcelona, Spain) Rookie    
40 Vance McMurry (Austin, Texas) Rookie    
41 Markus Meier (Fischbach-Göslikon, Switzerland) Rookie    
42 Reinhold Mueller (Munich, Bavaria) Rookie    
43 Ben Oney (Northfield, Minnesota) Rookie    
44 Ethan Passant (Crested Butte, Colorado) Rookie    
45 Marian Penso (Cape Town, South Africa) Rookie    
46 Jon Pettit (Snohomish, Washington) Rookie    
47 Greg Phillips (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom) Rookie    
48 Matt Porembski (Phoenix, Arizona) Rookie    
49 Ray Porter (Dallas, Texas) Veteran    
50 Kim Raeymaekers (Turnhout, Belgium) Rookie    
51 Kurt Refsnider (Boulder, Colorado) Veteran    
52 Sheila Reiter (Austin, Texas) Rookie    
53 John Richardson (Kirksville, Missouri) Rookie    
54 Richard Ridlehuber (Spartanburg, South Carolina) Rookie    
55 Rob Roberts (Minneola, Florida) Rookie    
56 Tom Sap (Brussels, Belgium) Rookie    
57 Dale Shadley (San Antonio, Texas) Rookie    
58 Josh Shifferly (Crested Butte, Colorado) Rookie    
59 Dan Simas (Lemoore, California) Rookie    
60 Justin Simoni (Denver, Colorado) Rookie    
61 Parker Smith (Athens, Georgia) Rookie    
62 Will Snow (Newtonmore, United Kingdom) Rookie    
63 Caroline Soong (Boulder, Colorado) Rookie    
64 Paul Spencer (Kent, United Kingdom) Rookie    
65 Dylan Taylor (Vancouver Island, BC) Rookie    
66 Jeff Tomasetti (Fernandina Beach, Florida) Rookie    
67 Sheila Torres-Blank (San Marcos, Texas) Rookie    
68 Justin Voss (Anchorage, Alaska) Rookie    
69 Curtis White (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Rookie    
70 Martin Wimpenny (Derby, United Kingdom) Rookie    
Starting from Antelope Wells, New Mexico, United States
# Rider Name (Country) Team  
1 Paul Attalla (Fernie, British Columbia) Rookie    
2 Chris Bennett (Nelson, New Zealand) Rookie    
3 Karlos Rodriguez Bernart (Deltona, Florida) Rookie    
4 Denis Chazelle (Champagne, France) Rookie    
5 Ross Delaplane (Golden, Colorado) Rookie    
6 Craig Dolwin (Swindon, United Kingdom) Rookie    
7 Pete Faeth (Davis, California) Veteran    
8 Franck Gimard (Fernie, British Columbia) Rookie    
9 Bruce Giroux (Council Bluffs, Iowa) Veteran    
10 Russ McBride (Berkeley, California) Rookie    
11 Greg McKennis (Glenwood Springs, Colorado) Rookie    
12 Steve Moore (Wimberley, Texas) Rookie    
13 Sandra Musgrave (Austin, Texas) Rookie    
14 Roland Sturm (Santa Monica, California) Rookie    
15 Niki Yoblonski (Santa Monica, California) Rookie    

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