Ribeiro suspended for two years for CERA

Loses 2009 Tour of Portugal title

The Portuguese cycling federation has given Nuno Ribeiro a two-year ban for doping. The 32-year-old tested positive last August for CERA-EPO before the start of the Tour of Portugal, which he won.

The federation took the title away from the Liberty Seguros rider and awarded it to the previous second-place finisher, David Blanco of Palmeiras Resort-Tavira.

After the positive test was announced last fall, he claimed that team doctors administered him the CERA without his knowledge. “I received injections without knowing what they were," he told the Portuguese sports newspaper O Jogo.

Two of his teammates at the race also tested positive, Spaniards Isidro Nozal and Hector Guerra. Both have also received two year suspensions.

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