Rasmussen suit against Rabobank still pending

Dane wants 5.6 million Euros for 2007 Tour de France affair

Michael Rasmussen, who is currently racing the Tour de San Luis with his team Christina Watches, still has a legal procedure with his former employer Rabobank pending. The Dane, who was pulled from the 2007 Tour de France while wearing the yellow jersey, and subsequently sacked by his Rabobank team for having lied about his whereabouts prior to the race, is currently waiting for the verdict of a lawsuit brought before a Dutch court.

Rasmussen has asked for 5.6 million euro in damages from the 2007 affair, a substantial sum even for Dutch Rabobank.

In 2008, a civil court in Utrecht already ruled in his favour. "I was given the sum of 715,000 euro but that wasn't enough. My Dutch lawyer André Brantjes told me that the higher court of Arnhem will be announcing its verdict on May 25," Rasmussen told Nieuwsblad.

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