Rapha Condor announces JLT Group as new co-sponsor

Continental team look to continue developing young talent

The British Continental team Rapha Condor has announced that the JLT Group has signed up as a co-sponsor for the 2013 season. JLT replace Sharp as the team’s co-sponsor after the electronics firm confirmed that they were moving away from the team last week. Sharp became a co-sponsor for Garmin on the eve of the 2012 Tour de France.

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2013 will mark the sixth season that Rapha Condor has sponsored a British UCI registered team and the partnership with JLT will underline the team’s significant commitment to the future of British cycling, as the team continues to focus on its overarching goal of developing young British talent.

Charlie Pearch, a senior partner at JLT said: “Our participation in this venture with Rapha Condor fulfills our desire to help sport at grass roots level, particularly where our involvement can deliver meaningful value. We not only want to encourage the younger generation to live a healthy lifestyle but to be a voice of mutual respect between all road users. Our expectation is that the Rapha Condor JLT team will continue to perform well under the most respected of Directeur Sportifs but it is as important for us that the team races with style and panache and in its own well-loved and inimitable style to represent the very best of British cycling.”

In recent years Rapha Condor have focussed on developing young talent, giving opportunities to a number of promising up-and-coming riders.

Team manager John Herety added: “I am delighted that JLT share our enthusiasm about the way that this team aims to work with young riders. JLT understood this very quickly and they recognised that in the current environment in cycling a team like ours will educate young riders into making the correct choices."

“I have been really pleased with the progress that these riders have made in the last twelve months, and I think that next year we will start to see the results of the work that these young guys have put in as they put into practice what they've learned. We have redesigned our programme with the new young riders in mind, putting a focus on getting these guys racing and winning, and I am sure that it will be a great year.”


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