Rabobank manager says high-ranking dopers should be banned longer

Length of ban should be based on world ranking points

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That's the wish of Rabobank manager Harold Knebel, who would like to see the length doping suspensions based upon rider points.

Currently, most doping violations call for an automatic two-year suspension,with no relationship between the rider's stature or the nature of the violation. But Knebel said this should be changed, depending on the rider's rank.

“I believe in stricter doping rules,” he told AD.nl. “Under the current system, the relationship between risk and return is beneficial to the abuser.  By doping, a rider can score points and thus earn an attractive contract. If someone has a lot of points, then (they should get) a higher penalty.”

Under his suggestion, a team captain would be banned longer than a domestique. “Who gains the most, should also be punished the most.”

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