Quiznos Challenge may not go through Colorado National Monument

National Park Services says race not appropriate to park purposes

The National Park Service will not allow the Quiznos Pro Challenge race to run through the Colorado National Monument in 2011. Congressional and state leaders, as well as race organisers, had pushed for a stage in the park.

"Closing the park to accommodate the needs of a commercial bike race goes against our management policies, would adversely impact park resources, and would deny access to the park and other visitors," NPS Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said in a press release.

"Federal law and NPS policy restrict commercial activities in national parks to those that are 'necessary and appropriate' to park purposes. This bike race is neither necessary nor appropriate in the park.”

Monument Superintendent Joan Anzelmo had earlier ruled against the race, warning of its potential impact not only on the environment but also on the wildlife. According to the New York Times, Colorado politicians joined with the race organisers to urge the NPS to reconsider that decision.

Located in central western Colorado, the Monument is a 32-square mile park which features canyons, sandstone, and rock formations. The Coors Classic race ran through the part in the 1980s.

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