Offredo informed of missed doping controls

FDJ rider risks suspension by UCI

Yoann Offredo (FDJ-BigMat) confirmed today that he has been informed by the UCI of three missed doping controls in 2011, violations which could earn him a suspension of up to two years.

Offredo is the second Frenchman to run afoul of the anti-doping regulations. The UCI today announced that two world titles won by track sprinter Grégory Baugé have been annulled due to two whereabouts violations and a missed doping control.

"I did not receive a notification from the French federation's disciplinary committee so I'm surprised that the UCI unveiled this case," Offredo said to Reuters.

"On two occasions, I sent my whereabouts a few hours late. On the third occasion, I was at a race added to my schedule at the last minute and I had said I was at home."

He added later via Twitter, "I am an enthusiastic defender of the anti-doping fight. I wonder, is cycling?"


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