Nys will end career at Landbouwkrediet

Set to retire in March 2014

Belgian cyclo-cross champion Sven Nys (Landbouwkrediet) will end his impressive career at the Landbouwkrediet team, after extending his contract until March 2014.

Right before the start of the sixth round of the Superprestige cyclo-cross in Diegem the news was released that Nys extended his contract with Landbouwkrediet. Luc Versele, CEO of the Belgian bank company, said the negotiations between Landbouwkrediet and the 34-year-old Belgian cyclo-cross legend were completed on Monday afternoon. “We're very pleased that Sven will end his career in our team,” Verseele told VT4.

Nys himself was pleased that these were his last contract negotiations as a rider. “The respect from the team allows me to go on and ride for such a long time. I can end my career with them on March 2014. It's still a long time but I'm glad it's behind me now. Now I can conclude my career in a calm way,” Nys told VT4 right before starting his race. Nys has been riding for Landbouwkrediet since 2008.

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