NICA Launches Booster Fund to increase access to sport

Grants available for student-athletes, coaches and teams

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) announced the launch of the NICA Booster Fund program. The fund was established with $30,000 raised at the NICA Awards Banquet in January this year and will provide micro-grants to individual student-athletes, coaches and teams from underrepresented areas and disadvantaged backgrounds with the goal of increasing participation in NICA leagues.

The Booster Fund provides direct support, through individual micro-grants, to offset expenses directly related to participation in NICA league and team activities. By covering these expenses, the fund also provides indirect support for NICA leagues, and helps to ensure the sustainable development and funding of league staff, programs and activities, by actively assisting in the expansion of league ridership.

"Achieving this goal will be an important milestone toward our vision to enable every American teen to strengthen body, mind and character through participation in high school mountain biking," said NICA founder and executive director, Matt Fritzinger.

Applications for the first round of grants offered through the fund are being accepted through April 3. Up to $15,000 will go to as many as 30 student-athletes, coaches and teams in the NICA spring racing leagues, which this year are Northern California, Southern California, Washington and Texas.

Applications are made directly to NICA, and those from student-athletes require a coach's reference. Recipients will be notified by April 13.

For more information on the grant and how to apply, visit

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