New world ‘cross champion Nys arrives home

Emotional homecoming in Belgium

After a long overnight flight from Louisville, Kentucky, the new world cyclo-cross championSven Nys was given an emotion-filled homecoming in Zaventem airport in Brussels.

Before leaving the baggage claim area, Nys was given his new Crelan-team rainbow jersey by his manager, and exited into the waiting arms of his wife, son and supporters.

“It is very intense to be back to see my wife and son,” Nys told Sporza. “You share emotions with them all year long, so you want to have them with you again as soon as possible. I have been waiting for two days.”

“I am going to enjoy this to the fullest and still feel miraculously fresh after an overnight flight in which I slept very little.”

Even though Nys is scheduled to compete in the C2-ranked Augustijn Parkcross Maldegem on Wednesday, he will still summon up enough energy to celebrate his second world championship title with his fans in Baal tonight.

"It might be a good thing now that I am now back to get into the daily routine and not hang my bike on the rack. But Tuesday night I'm going to Baal first and must celebrate with the fans."

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