New Weylandt memorial to be unveiled

Dutch city of Middelburg to honour the late Belgian rider

Wouter Weylandt, the Belgian cyclist who was tragically killed at the 2011 Giro d'Italia, is to have a memorial plaque dedicated to him in the Dutch city of Middelburg. Weylandt won the third stage of the 2010 Giro d'Italia in Middelburg and the city is keen to mark the life of the rider who delighted the local fans so much with his victory there on May 10, 2010. It will unveil the memorial on April 2.

The ceremony will be headed by the city's mayor and will be attended by Weylandt's fomer partner An-Sophie De Graeve, who was pregnant with Weylandt's daughter at the time of his fatal crash. The rider's family and friends will also be there along with Giro d'Italia race director Mauro Vegni.

A memorial to Weylandt already exists in the Belgian city of Ghent. That memorial, which is a tribute to Weylandt and his fallen compatriots Frederiek Nolf and Dmitri De Fauw, was unveiled in June 2011 and was the subject of vandalism a month later.

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