New name for Frankfurt's May Day race

Rund um den Finanzplatz to race from Eschborn to the heart of Frankfurt

The German race formerly known as Rund um den Henninger Turm will once again have a new name and a new course in 2010. The event, traditionally held on May 1, will next year be called Rund um den Finanzplatz and run from Eschborn to downtown Frankfurt.

For 47 years the race was known as Rund um den Henninger Turm. After the Henninger beer company withdrew from sponsorship, the race was run in 2009 under the name Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop.

The race will start in Eschborn and run to downtown Frankfurt. After multiple laps of a four kilometre-long circuit, the finish line will be in the heart of the city, at the Frankfurt Opera House.

According to Frankfurt's sport department head Markus Frank, “it was totally clear the the race must come back to the heart of the city.” He explained the race's new name [translated into english as "All around the financial district" - ed.] as representing both the start and finish cities. “Eschborn and Frankfurt are bound together in the financially strong Region Frankfurt RheinMain.”

Race organiser Bernd Moos-Achenbach said that he has already received agreements from many teams and riders to appear on May 1, and that preparations for the race are going full speed ahead. “I am counting on the offer from the city of Frankfurt to help with the infrastructure." he said.

The 2009 Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop was won by Milram's Fabian Wegmann.

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