Merckx indicted in corruption case

Cycling legend's bike company allegedly involved in corrupt deals

Eddy Merckx has been indicted in a corruption case involving his bike company, Eddy Merckx Cycles, and the local police service of Anderlecht, a Belgian municipality. On Tuesday, La Dernière Heure revealed information according to which police commissaire Philippe Boucar was suspected to have informed Merckx about the purchase of 48 bicycles from a competitor of Merckx Cycles, as well as the prices paid. In return, Boucar is alleged to have bought a Merckx bike at an advantageous price.

According to the paper, the indictment was delayed so that cycling legend Merckx could be received at the Elysée Palace by French president Nicolas Sarkozy and be awarded the Legion of Honour.

A Brussels court in charge of the case, presided by judge Jean-Claude Van Espen, is investigating the dealings of several commissaires and regional police officers.

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