Meeusen out of Superprestige Hamme-Zogge

Lingering pain from crash in Zonhoven

Telenet-Fidea rider Tom Meeusen will skip Sunday's Superprestige race in Hamme-Zogge. The Belgian is still suffering from injuries sustained in a dramatic crash on a sandy descent in Zonhoven last weekend.

The 24-year-old injured his ribs when his front wheel got caught up in a deep rut in the sand, sending him over the bars in last weekend's Superprestige race. He had intended to start today's Jaarmarktcross in Niel, but was in too much pain during the warm-up laps.

"I tried a lap. When I hit the section where your bike was ten centimeters deep in mud, I immediately knew," Meeusen said to Het Nieuwsblad. "When I dismounted I had some severe stabbing pain in the back and the ribs, which I had wisely taped up. Even though I was taped up, the pain was unbearable. Starting would have been stupid and wrong."

He quickly decided that starting in Hamme-Zogge could not happen. "I need to rest from the bike, anything more is not possible. I don't dare take any risks. I'm beginning to think that the rib is broken and not bruised, because I have a lot of pain. I will in any case go to the doctor on Monday for a scan."


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