Meares contemplating Olympic future

Sprint star expects strong challenges from Shuang and Vogel

Multiple Olympic medallist Anna Meares is taking time out following her London campaign where she will consider her next competitive step.

Having already competed in three Olympic campaigns, where she has earned two gold, one silver and two bronze medals, the 29-year-old is up in the air as to whether Rio 2016 is on the agenda. Meares believes that given she has come off one of her most emotional victories to date, where she defeated great rival Victoria Pendleton in the sprint, time is what is required.

"I did the same thing after Beijing and it worked very well," Meares told AAP.

"Our sport's quite a low impact sport so if you look after your body you can progress for a long time. It's just whether you want to or not.

"You can be swayed by the emotions of successful or unsuccessful performances, the highs and adulations offered to you when you go home. If I answered that question now I'd say 'yeah, Rio'.

"But I just want to make sure, because four years of (training and competing) physically and mentally, it's a big commitment."

Despite Pendleton's retirement, Meares also said that she can expect challenges from China's Guo Shuang and Germany's Kristina Vogel.

"I'm always learning, always challenged in a different way because everyone has a different strength," Meares explained.

"What I worked out about how to race Vicky might not work with someone like Guo Shuang or Kristina Vogel."


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