McQuaid to face additional legal challenge

Russian Federation president to challenge McQuaid's "astonishing" amendments

The president of the Russian federation, Igor Marakov, has threatened to use "all legal means" necessary to stop Pat McQuaid's recently proposed amendments from being passed by the UCI. In a report published by The Telegraph in which a letter by Marakov was leaked, it was made clear that the Russian would not hesitate to do all within his means to put a stop to the proposed changes to the UCI's constitution.

In his letter Marakov stated: "I take the opportunity of this letter to inform you that should this unlawful process be maintained, I already intend to challenge, by all legal means, any decision taken by the UCI Congress in this respect and any other infringements to the UCI constitution."

The Russian joins the chorus of discontent over the measures taken by McQuaid to further his re-election bid. McQuaid's direct opponent Brian Cookson has spoken out, along with USA Cycling president Steve Johnson and Garmin-Sharp director Jonathan Vaughters against the last minute changes.

Marakov claims that McQuaid has bypassed the UCI management committee and that the proposed modifications are undemocratic.

"I am astonished that the management committee members, despite being vested with the most extensive powers as regards the management of the UCI as per the constitution and regulations, have not been informed nor consulted regarding such modification of the electoral process," said Marakov.

"I will always be opposed to any modification that aims to circumvent the democratic principles and to favour one or several individuals to the detriment of the whole cycling community.

"The only person who will take advantage of an ‘anticipated' modification of Article 51 of the UCI Constitution is undoubtedly, exclusively, the candidate Pat McQuaid."

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