Mansilla tests positive for EPO

Sample from Tour of Chile could lead to ban

Chilean Cycling's plans for the London 2012 Olympics have been thrown into disarray with the news that star rider Luis Mansilla tested positive for EPO after stage five of the 2012 Tour of Chile last January. The shock news comes more than two months after the race, where Mansilla won two stages.

Mansilla is central to Chile's plans for London 2012, where he had been expected to feature both on the track and on the road. Now the Chilean national team is facing up to the prospect of going to the Olympics and also 2012 Track World Championships in Melbourne next month without the services of one of their best riders. Mansilla was part of the Chilean squad that travelled to the Pan American Track Championships earlier this month, but he was sent home early from that competition to receive the news of his positive test.

Chilean national team coach Victor Garrido called the developments "a sad day for Chilean cycling" and if Mansilla's counter sample is also revealed to be positive he is facing up to the possibility of a two-year ban. The rider is maintaining his innocence.

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