Makarov: Full McQuaid dossier will go to an independent panel for review

Cites a lack of independence by UCI ethics commission

Igor Makarov has not yet turned over his full dossier concerning corruption allegations against UCI President Pat McQuaid and said that he would only do so if it would be reviewed by “an external and independent panel of experts.”  A summary of the dossier was leaked to the press earlier this week.

That summary is now being examined by the UCI's ethics commission. However, in a letter leaked to the British newspaper The Telegraph and addressed to the ethics commission president Pieter Zevenbergen, Makarov, the head of the Russian cycling federation, noted that the secretary of that committee is also the UCI's legal services manager.

He characterized this as “a basic demonstration of the absence of independency of your commission vis-à-vis the UCI management and of your clear incapacity to maintain any confidentiality of the investigation.”

Makarov noted that he has sent the full dossier to the US Anti-Doping Agency, which gave Lance Armstrong a lifetime ban.

He added, “I reiterate my strong wish to fully collaborate with the UCI ethics commission at the non-negotiable condition that an external panel of experts be appointed to carry out the investigation in total independency and impartiality.

McQuaid has denied all charges in the dossier summary, calling them “a complete fabrication” and “not supported by a scintilla of evidence”.

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