Luxembourg ADA won't appeal Fränk Schleck ban

Accepts one-year ban for Tour de France positive

The Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (Alad) has accepted the one-year ban given to Fränk Schleck by the Disciplinary Board. The UCI and Schleck both still have the option to appeal the decision set down on January 30.

“After the expiration of the 21 day period and because of the reasons given in the Disciplinary Board's decision, the Board of Directors of Alad has decided not to appeal the decision,” according to an Alad press release issued Monday morning.

An Alad spokeswoman told Cyclingnews that the Disciplinary Board is a totally independent tribunal. The Alad acts as prosecutor before the Board, and thus has the right to appeal its decisions.

Schleck tested positive for Xipamide during the 2012 Tour de France. He could have received a two-year ban, but was given only one year because of the extremely low amount of the banned substance.

His ban runs through July 14, 2013, which means he will not be able to ride the Tour. When the ban was issued, Schleck said, “We will now analyse the decision in detail and decide on potential further steps. However I bear a positive aspect of the decision in mind: the judges acknowledged that I am not a cheater.”

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