Kulhavy makes decision about his future

Olympic champion extends contract with Specialized

After months of thinking about his future, 2012 Olympic mountain bike champion Jaroslav Kulhavy has decided to keep his career off-road. The Czech rider had been mulling over whether to switch to the road, a path several other top mountain bikers, such as Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, have followed before him.

Instead, Kulhavy extended his contract with Specialized Racing for the next two years according to his website jaroslavkulhavy.cz.

"I made the final decision about mountain bikes last Friday. I got [a] very nice offer from my current team Specialized Racing, and I didn't want to wait anymore. I am very happy with the conditions of this contract," said Kulhavy, who won the cross country world championships in 2011.

"Road cycling, or competing in the Tour de France, has always been my dream, but I'm standing with my feet on the ground. Now I am focusing on next four years as a mountain biker, and I would like to defend my Olympic title in Rio 2016. Maybe after that, there will be some time to try road cycling?" said Kulhavy in a press conference Thursday.

Kulhavy's manager Zdenek Löffelman confirmed that a WorldTour road team had expressed interest in him. "I can't tell from which team, but it was one riding Specialized bicycles," he said. "Unfortunately the dealing took too much time and Jaroslav's and my deadline was set to the end of November."

Kulhavy heads next to Gran Canaria for a training camp beginning on Saturday.

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