Kittel takes lie detector test to prove he is clean

Argos-Shimano rider takes test for German magazine

A lie detector test has shown that Marcel Kittel “has never used doping and is a clean athlete,” according to the psychologist who conducted the test. The Argos-Shimano sprinter, who won four stages at this year's Tour de France, took the test at the request of SportBild magazine

Kittel was asked a variety of questions, and when asked if he had ever used drugs or illegal substances, or whether they had ever been offered to him, he replied no. The polygraph indicated that this was the truth.

“The things that we measure during the interview remained very even. That is a sign of credibility,” said forensic psychologist Holger Leutz. 

“Kittel makes us believe in a pure generation of cyclists. I dare say in response to what the detector indicates that Marcel Kittel has never used doping and is a clean athlete.”

Kittel said that he had no problem taking a lie detector test. “I have nothing to hide, so I did it. I stand for clean sport and this test has confirmed that.”

He noted doping protests at the Tour, and said that those individuals “are not coming for the sport, but come dressed as a syringe. All we do is fight for credibility and trust.”

Kittel underwent UV light blood treatments “a few times” when he was 18-year-old and training at the Erfurt Olympic Center. Last month the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that such treatments were not considered to be doping.

He is an outspoken anti-doping critic, who recently called for doping to be criminalized.

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