Kemp to sign with Belgian team?

Australian on the verge of signing new contract after Pegasus Racing deal fell through

Australian David Kemp looks to have a new 2011 contract on hand after he revealed to SBS that he would sign with a Belgian Professional Continental team before Christmas. Kemp, who has been racing for Fly V Australia these last three years, said that his deal with the newly-born Pegasus Racing team for next season fell through and that he now had another option.

The 26-year-old stated that he had a verbal agreement with manager Chris White in August, but never received written confirmation.

"I was given their word that they wanted me so I told my managers that I didn't need a team, they were happy I was going to continue on so then I stopped looking," Kemp said. "I actually haven't spoken to Chris White in regards to this. I try calling [Chris White -ed.] every other day and he doesn't take the calls so I'm making the assumption that there's no longer a contract on the table."

Kemp won the silver medal at the Australian Championships in January and concluded his season with a victory at China's Tour of Lake Taihu in late October, after having finished third overall in the King of the Mountain classification at the Tour Down Under. But in October he was told by team management his results were inconsistent.

"I haven't got any results because I've been riding for our sprinters, who won 90 per cent of the races that I worked for," said Kemp, who had hoped for a spot on the new Pegasus Racing team but now looks forward to another challenge.

"I think what I did this year was warrant enough to move to Europe and race there, clearly because I wouldn't have got this contract with this (Belgian) team," he added. "I'm in an even better situation than what I was before. I believe everything happens for a reason. I didn't know what the reason was but now I can see it was for this."

With his new outfit, Kemp said he may even participate in some of the Spring Classics.

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