iXS steps up to promote European Championships

Gravity events set for one week before Worlds

Starting in 2011, the gravity events of the European Championships will be run by iXS, already known for running national and European series events. In an agreement announced at Eurobike, iXS will run the European downhill and four cross European Championships for three years with the first edition held in Zermatt, Switzerland, on August 27-28, 2011.

The extremely demanding downhill track on the slopes of the famous Matterhorn will be modified to move the finish area directly into the village. The four cross track, on the other hand, is situated at the Sunnegga paradise, at 2250 metres above sea level. That means spectators can also enjoy the views of no less than 38 surrounding peaks rising above 4000m.

iXS says the experience that it has gained in promoting downhill and four cross races in recent years will help lift the level and reputation of the continental championships.

"A first important goal was to find venues that are situated in central Europe, making them easy to reach for most national teams," read a press release. "Of course, the fact that next year's world championships will be held just one week later around the corner in Champéry (Switzerland) is helpful as this lowers travel expenses."

Zermatt hosted the 2010 Swiss Downhill and Four Cross National Championships which were won by Pascal Seydoux (four cross), Nick Beer (downhill) and Emilie Siegenthaler (both).

iXS Euro Champs 2011 Teaser from iXS Downhill Cup on Vimeo.

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