Italian police search RadioShack vehicles on Giro d'Italia rest day

NAS officers stayed in hotel overnight

Team RadioShack have been visited by the Italian police on the rest day at the Giro d’Italia. Cyclingnews understands that several plain clothed officers from the (Nucleo Antisofisticazioni Sanità) NAS slept in the hotel in Falcade overnight, with the team arriving yesterday and staying there today.

The officers from Padova and Florence are being led by Benedetto Roberti who is currently investigating Dr Michele Ferrari. This morning the team doctor was questioned by the authorities and the team’s bus was searched.

"Yes, they came, they searched the vehicles but they didn’t find anything. I’ve just signed the statement confirming that,” said Dr. Nino Daniele. “I don’t know why they came. I just saw them this morning.”

Team boss Johan Bruyneel left the race last night and was unavailable for comment. Cyclingnews also understands that four officers are still in the team hotel.

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