inCycle video: Giro d'Italia transfer with Lotto Belisol

Follow the Belgian team from Dublin to Bari

During this year’s Giro d’Italia, the riders enjoy an unprecedented (in the modern era) three rest days. The first came only four days into the race to accommodate the transfer from the Grande Partenza in Ireland to it’s next stop, Bari.

The operation was a monster one with most teams sending a second set of vehicles and staff to Italy. An unlucky few had to set off from Dublin on the Sunday night, only to make it to Bari late on the Tuesday.

For the riders it was somewhat easier. The 196 members of the peloton - minus the injured Dan Martin and Koldo Fernandez – took two chartered planes to the south of Italy and were picked up on the other side by the awaiting team members.

It was an operation of mammoth proportions. Follow the Lotto-Belisol team and their Grand Tour stalwart Adam Hansen in this exclusive video and see how he copes with the stresses of a long transfer.

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