inCycle video: Dave Brailsford on Team Sky's killer instinct

Team boss on the hunt for Sky's first Classics win

When Dave Brailsford announced that Team Sky’s aim was to win a Tour de France with a British rider within five years not too many people took him seriously. Four years on and with two British Tour champions within the ranks, Team Sky rank as one if not the most consistent Grand Tour teams in the world.

With back-to-back Tour wins courtesy of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome and a depth of international talent to draw from 2014 may yet turn out to be equally as successful as the last two seasons.

Yet although the team have had success on the road it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Rifts between Wiggins and Froome have threatened to thwart Sky’s often methodical approach.

In this exclusive video brought to you by inCycle TV, Brailsford details the necessary steps needed to run a successful team, one where ‘happy families’ come second to the demands and needs for a killer instinct and hunger to win.

Brailsford also talks about the pressure and demands on the team to win a one-day Classic, something they’ve come close to but never fulfilled since their inception at the start of the 2010 season.

The team has varied its approach to the spring campaign on a number of occasions but Brailsford believes that their persistence will eventually pay off.

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