InCycle Tour de France Video: What's in Danny Pate's Team Sky rain bag?

How to be prepared for the wet

The 2014 Tour de France starting in the glorious sunshine of Yorkshire but by the the time the race arrived in London on stage three the rain had begun. An essential part of any cyclists' luggage is their rain bag. Team Sky's Danny Pate sat down with InCycle to talk about his rain bag.

"Some of you may not know that we have these or need these," Pate says of the key piece of equipment for all pro cyclists.

The Team Sky rain bag has several compartments to it which are all labelled and contain the important pieces of clothing a rider needs in the wet. Pate’s bag contains a section for jerseys', leg and arm warmers and one named waterproof.

"That will keep you going here at the Tour," Pate said. "If you're doing the Giro, then you might need a little more in there. I'd keep probably two rain jackets because sometimes you have to double layer up on some of the cold stages.

"I feel like I have everything in their I need for the next couple of days, for the whole race actually."

Watch the video below to find out what else Pate keeps in his rain bag.

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