Husband and wife Vipond and Hadley crowned Canada Cup Champions

Laforge and Nadon win junior series

Catherine Vipond (Norco Factory Team) and Matthew Hadley (Xprezo - Borsao) both won the highest honors of the Canada Cup series as the 2011 season concluded Sunday in Edmonton, Alta, with the presentation of the fourth and last race of the 2011 Canada Cup Mountain Bike Series.

Vipond and Hadley, a married couple, participated in all four events across the country this year, and have posted the best overall results of the season.

Hadley won the first two races of the season, which gave him a solid lead midway through the season. After an average placing in the third race, Hadley raced back to the podium with a third place finish on Sunday, securing the Canada Cup title.

Cameron Jette (3-Rox-Racing) took the second place with 470 points, stepping twice on the podium, in second and third places.

Evan Guthrie (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) and Léandre Bouchard (Cyclones d'Alma), two U23 riders, finished tied in third place with each 435 points. With his win on the last race in Edmonton, Guthrie won the tie breaker to give him the third and last spot on the podium, leaving Bouchard, the 2011 Canadian U23 Champion, in fourth place.

In the women's category, Vipond stepped on the podium in all four races, winning the first and last race of the season. She fought a hard and tight race the entire season alongside Jean-Ann Berkenpas with only five points differentiating the top two riders in the final standings. Berkenpas accumulated one win and two silver medals, and could have won secured the title with a win on the last stage of the series.

A total of 99 elite male mountain bikers scored points this year on the Canada Cup series in the elite races, while 38 women took part in the elite series.

In the junior races, it was no surprise to see Frédérique Trudel take the top honours in the women's category, even though she is racing her first year as a junior. Trudel, the current Canadian junior champion, started the season with two wins on her home soil in Québec before finishing second in Ontario and fourth in Edmonton. Trudel finished with a 55-point lead over both second place Catherine Fleury and third place Haley Smith. Both Fleury and Smith finished the season tied with 230 points.

Marc-Antoine Nadon topped the standings amongst the junior male riders with the maximum 300 points. Nadon, also the Canadian juniors champion, led the standings the entire season and capped off his dream season with three victories in four races.

The season started back in late May with the opening race held in Mont-Tremblant. The tour stayed in Eastern Canada with races in Baie-Saint-Paul, QC and Barrie, ON before making its way across the country for its last stop of the calendar in Edmonton, Alta.

For standings purposes, the top three results of the four races were taken into consideration.

The series celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its inception in 1991, the Canada Cup Series produced elite athletes notably Olympians Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), Marie-Hélène Prémont (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) and Geoff Kabush (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain), World Championships silver medallist Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing) as well U23 National Champion Emily Batty (Subaru-Trek), just to name a few.

2011 Canada Cup final standings

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Catherine Vipond555 pts
2Jean Ann Berkenpas550 
3Sandra Walter470 
4Cindy Montambault370 
5Andréanne Pichette*365 
6Rébecca Beaumont*360 
7Valérie Meunier*290 
8Brandi Heisterman275 
9Cayley Brooks*255 
10Annick Chértien240 
11Anna Schappert225 
12Heather Gray220 
13Emily Batty200 
14Kristina Laforge*200 
15Linnea Koons195 
16Stéphanie* Lacoursière195 
17Amanda Sin175 
18Mical Dyck140 
19Mikaela Kofman140 
20Laura Bietola*137 
21Caeli Barron135 
22Kate Aardal120 
23Aleksandra Mooradian120 
24Bryna Blanchard115 
25Pepper Harleton110 
26Shantel Koenig100 
27Mandy Dreyer100 
28Caroline Villeneuve85 
29Alana Heise80 
30Celine Foreht75 
31Ashley Barson*71 
32Erica Bota69 
33Tricia Spooner66 
34Marjorie Lavoie*58 
35Sarah Moore*56 
36Melanie Bernier54 
37Susan Stepehens50 
38Kaitlin Michener*49 
Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Hadley555 pts
2Cameron Jette470 
3Evan Guthrie*435 
4Léandre Bouchard*435 
5Peter Glassford425 
6Adam Morka425 
7Mitch Bailey*296 
8Evan McNeely*290 
9Jérémy Martin*290 
10Andrew L'Espérance*285 
11Eric Batty270 
12Kristofor Sneddon260 
13Ryan Atkins255 
14Steven Noble*227 
15Graham Torrie212 
16Derek Zandstra200 
17Sebastien Cadieux-Duval*195 
18Marty Lazarski195 
19Zachary Hughes*194 
20Roddi Lega187 
21Jamie Lamb184 
22Marc-André Daigle175 
23Tyson Wagler*172 
24Patrick Chartrand*168 
25Jared Stafford*160 
26Julien Fillion159 
27David Gonda158 
28Leni Trudel156 
29Philippe Dépault*149 
30Jean-Phillipe Thibault-Roberge*145 
31Alex Lavertu*144 
32Neil Schiemann144 
33Félix Côté*142 
34Étienne Moreau*133 
35Seamus Powell132 
36Jacob McClelland*130 
37Matthew Krahn128 
38Imad El-Ghazal124 
39Emmanuel Boily122 
40Pierre-Louis Chamberland*118 
41Antoine Caron115 
42Mathieu Bélanger Barrette*113 
43Michael Mooradian112 
44Stefan Widmer110 
45Preston Wagler*107 
46Tom Sampson*104 
47Olivier Bordeleau99 
48Andrew Watson95 
49Christopher Hamlin90 
50Ricky Federau85 
51Logan Tacoma80 
52Krushel Kesley*79 
53Tim Carleton78 
54Xavier Perreault*73 
55Gordon Jewett71 
56Ruan Du toit*69 
57Jacques Gagné68 
58Thomas Skinner66 
59Matthew Farquharson*65 
60Jonathan Boucher*65 
61Eric Emsky64 
62Francis Lehoux*62 
63Jon Slaughter*61 
64Olivier Robidoux*61 
65Maxime Lemay61 
66Danny Souter60 
67Cory Wallace58 
68Jonathan Cantin*57 
69François-Charles Dumas54 
70Steve Fréchette*50 
71Mike Garrigan49 
72Kyle Douglas46 
73Benoit Simard46 
74Peter Knight44 
75Jeremi Bussiere*44 
76Jon Kinsie44 
77Jeffery Simms43 
78Pierre-Yves Nadeau43 
79Jarred Forrest*42 
80Steve Caillé*42 
81John Burns42 
82Dylan Harris41 
83Aroussen Laflamme41 
84Simon Wagler*40 
85Eric Jeannotte38 
86Steven Turcotte*36 
87Anthony Sinyard36 
88Scott Lynch35 
89Andrew De Cal34 
90Micheal Van den Ham33 
91Kevin Massicotte*33 
92Patrick Mimeault32 
93Anton Varabei28 
94Simon Tremblay26 
95Jamie Wagler24 
96Guillaume Bauret*24 
97Justin Henri21 
98Benjamin Adler21 
99Jerome Samson20 
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristina Laforge385 pts
2Laura Bietola340 
3Valérie Meunier290 
4Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau240 
5Cayley Brooks220 
6Lauren Rosser190 
7Emily Flynn146 
8Malia Poulin137 
9Laurence Harvey136 
10Emily Fisher132 
11Stéphanie Vialle122 
12Caeli Barron99 
13Samantha Wagler99 
14Haley Smith79 
15Justine Morin69 
16Justine Desmarais64 
17Amanda Wakeling40 
18Stacey Forbes32 
19Sara Witzke30 
20Hannah Cooley29 
21Katlyn Dundas29 
22Gabrielle Dallaire29 
23Jessica Tripp28 
Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc-Antoine Nadon300 pts
2Alexandre Vialle270 
3Bretton Matthews205 
4Thomas Neron195 
5Antoine Perreault160 
6Vincent Belhumeur152 
7Quinn Moberg144 
8Samuel Tremblay130 
9Felix Wilberg100 
10Patrick Martin94 
11Etienne Tremblay92 
12Davis Ross90 
13Daniel Varga86 
14Corey Brioschi85 
15Philippe Paradis82 
16Jean-Daiel Boily80 
17Perre-Oliver Veillette79 
18Elliot Galbraith73 
19Gabriel Thibeault66 
20Merlin Dallaire56 
21Michael Girolametto-Prosen45 
22Dominic Girard43 
23Daniel Hill42 
24Alex Schmidt38 
25Charles-Etienne Gregoire38 
26Mo Lawrence37 
27Nicolas Sessler37 
28Philippe Gauthier Boudreau35 
29Cedric Herrmann34 
30Louis Dillon29 
31Julien Gagne28 
32Nicholas Bruce25 
33Jason LeBlanc25 
34Brandon Etzl25 
35Francis Roy25 
36Nicolas Bauret23 
37Jordon Doner21 
38Carl Blanchette21 
39Samuel Lalancette20 
40Anthony Barrette18 
41Philippe Robioux18 
42William Clarke17 
43Dominic Bolatre17 
44Alex Ferguson16 
45Alexandre Hamel16 
46Harrison Newediuk15 
47Olivier Brisson-Robinson15 
48Greg Van Moorsel14 
49William Bosivert14 
50Trent Meyers13 
51Pier-Luc Boivin13 
52Daniel Hope12 
53Ian Bagg10 
54Parker Wilson8 
55Jason Massicotte7 

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