Hoy and Pendleton test form at final Manchester Revolution

British track stars race at home on Saturday evening event

British track sprinters Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton will test their form for the rapidly approaching World Championships during Saturday’s final round of the successful Revolution series at the Manchester velodrome in northern England.

Hoy and Pendleton lead a strong Great Britain team that will take on some of their main rivals in Copenhagen, including Germany’s Stefan Nimke, who won the Kilometre world title in 2009, as well as riders from Holland, Italy and Switzerland.

"The Revolution is a really good opportunity to get some race experience approaching the Worlds. I haven't done that many World Cups this year and there's going to be a few good riders there who I'll be up against at the Worlds so it's a good idea to see where I'm at, and where they're at too!" Pendleton said.

"My preparation for the Worlds is going quite well at the moment. I've had a few troubles with injury but hopefully I think they're under control which is definitely pleasing. I'm looking forward to going into Copenhagen and hope to regain my jersey for another year."

"It's always good to prove to your rivals, how well you're going, if you're going well! Sprinting is very psychological and therefore having as many opportunities to be dominant or perform well is always good. However, we're still a training block away from the World Championships so I'm hoping that I've got a lot of improving to do before I get there."

The evening session for this final Revolution has been sold out for a while, but tickets are available for a special afternoon session that features the British Madison championships.

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