Gwin and Daney grow their US Pro GRT leads

Both riders win Plattekill round

The USA Cycling Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) continued with its third race over the weekend at the Plattekill round of the Eastern States Cup. Aaron Gwin (Trek World Racing) and Lauren Daney (DRD Intense) descended to victory in Roxbury, New York on Sunday to grow their leads in the Pro GRT overall.

After his victory, Gwin continues to lead the US Pro GRT, head of his teammate Justin Leov (Trek World Racing) and Phillip Kmetz (Voncooper). With his fourth-place finish at Plattekill, Gavin Vaughn (Von Cooper) moved into the top five just behind Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing), who currently holds a tie with Kmetz for third.

Lauren Daney (DRD Intense) extended her US Pro GRT lead to 63 points while Joanna Petterson (Nema Maxxis) holds a slight lead for second over former four cross world champion Jill Kintner (Team Norco International), who was racing abroad and did not contest the Plattekill round.

See full coverage of the US Pro GRT round in Plattekill.

The Pro GRT will move west for its fourth stop, the Mountain States Cup - Chile Challenge, set for Angel Fire, New Mexico on June 9-10.

US Pro GRT Standings after three rounds

Elite men
#Rider Name
1Aaron Gwin160 pts
2Justin Leov82 
3Phil Kmetz60 
4Steve Smith60 
5Gavin Vaughan45 
6Art Babcock39 
7Logan Binggeli30 
8Mick Hannah30 
9Chris Higgerson28 
10Josh Bryceland25 
11Mat Dodd24 
12Al Ortiz22 
13Kevin Aiello20 
14Nikolas Dudukov20 
15Neko Mulally20 
16Greg Minnaar18 
17Mikey Sylvestri16 
18Brian Atkinson14 
19Jared Graves12 
20Adam Morse10 
21Mark Wallace10 
22Jesse Beare8 
23Leif Lorenzen8 
24Richie Rude8 
25Mitch Delfs6 
26George Ryan6 
27Brandan Bohl4 
28Eliot Jackson4 
29Logan Mulally4 
30Leland O'connor3 
31Remi Gauvin1 
32Jason Scheidein1 
Elite women
#Rider Name
1Lauren Daney128 pts
2Joanna Petterso65 
3Jill Kintner60 
4Katelyn Parhial48 
5Miranda Miller40 
6Elinor Wesner40 
7Stephanie Sowle39 
8Amber Price36 
9Holly Feniak30 
10Rae Gandolf30 
11Anne Galyean25 
12Rebecca Gardner24 
13Katie Holden20 
14Mary Elges18 
15Danice Uyesugi18 
16Jaime Rees16 
17Gabriela Willia14 
18Jacqueline Harm12 
19Jaime Hill10 
20Britney White6 
21Margaret Gregor2 
22Michelle Benson1 

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