Gesink says Contador should be suspended if doping charges are true

Breukink hopes Contador returns to peloton at some point

If Alberto Contador (Astana) is proven positive for doping, then he should be suspended, according to Rabobank's Robert Gesink. But team sport director Erik Breukink hopes that the Spaniard will return to racing, even if he is suspended.

Gesink admitted to not following developments in the Contador case very closely but added: It seems to me that if someone has tested positive for doping, then he should be suspended," he told

"This is how it works in any case, there really are rules. And I think many other riders feel the same way.”

He concluded, however, "On the other hand, if the explanation of Contador's right, I think this is terrible for him."

If Contador were suspended and lost his Tour title, then Gesink would move up to a fifth place finish. "This is the last way you want to finish one place higher. This also applies to Denis Menchov, who would move into second place."

No matter how the doping charges are resolved, Breukink hopes that Contador returns to the peloton. "He's the best rider around at the moment. Let's hope that he returns, possibly after his suspension."

"But the rules are obviously there for a reason, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of thinking done about it,” he said, adding, “ This is of course the last thing the sport of cycling needs.”


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