German NADA confirms investigating cyclist for blood doping

Case stems from Olympic training camp in Erfurt

The German National Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed that it is investigating a cyclist for using UV light blood doping. Last week it was announced that German prosecutors were looking into charges that a doctor at an Olympic training site in Erfurt had used the process on athletes.

Last week the NADA said that it was investigating a female speed skater, and has now added the unnamed cyclist to its list.

“It's true, we now have started an investigation in a second case here, against a cyclist, and will soon open the procedure against him,” NADA board member Dr. Lars Mortsiefer said. 

The German news magazine Spiegel identifies the doctor as Andreas Franke and says that he treated “numerous” speed skaters, cyclists and track and field athletes. The process is said to have involved treating their blood with UV light and then re-injecting it.

Dr. Franke has denied the charges of doping.


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