Gallery: BMW-Happy Tooth train in California

Camp ends with Tahoe trip to scout Tour of California stages

The inaugural BMW p/b Happy Tooth UCI women's team wrapped up its first-ever training camp in California last week with plenty of base mile training, equipment testing and bonding time.

Under the guidance of director Jono Coulter, the team is looking forward to the new season, and with 11 riders from four different countries, preseason training and bonding is hugely important. The team benefits from the combined experience of veteran racers Robin Farina and Liza Rachetto, who played a mentor role at team camp for the younger riders.

“My personal goals for this year will always be to provide positive leadership and mentorship for the team while giving 110 percent at each race,” Farina said. “Being opportunistic always leads to either team results and my goal will be to be on the top step of the podium for our team and sponsors.

“This year's 2015 BMW p/b Happy Tooth is a breath of fresh air for me,” she continued. “Being in the peloton for a while now, it's exciting and motivating to be racing with a team of riders that are eager to win races and be part of a phenomenal team effort to transform women's cycling for the better.”

Canadian Shoshauna Routley has big ambitions coming into the 2015 season, and Coulter said she showed that she has the talent to excel at a top level. Routley said the support of a professional women's team is something new to her.

“I think I can say I’m not the only one who feels lucky to have that. It brings the team to another level of cohesion and organization, when compared to the lower level teams,” she said.

With the first of the teams' major objectives occurring in April at the Redlands Bicycle Classic and the Charlotte Criterium, Coulter believes the team will take women’s cycling by surprise in 2015.

“In previous years of directing I have always had riders who could perform or specialize on a given stage or terrain,” Coulter said. “this year I feel we have multiple options for climbing, sprinting and those really long, hard days that make up the top schedule of races on the calendar. I cannot wait to watch them race together at events like Tour of California.”

After training camp the team traveled to Lake Tahoe to pre-ride the first two stages of the Women’s Tour of California.

The BMW p/b Happy Tooth 2015 Roster: Elle Anderson, Erica Zaveta, Robin Farina, Miranda Griffths, Korina Huizar, Michelle Khare, Liza Rachetto, Megan Rathwell, Shoshauna Routley, Rhae Shaw, Jessy Uebelhart

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