Fuentes indicted in Spain but out of jail

Allegedly threatened Spain's world and European football titles

Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes and five others have been charged in the most recent Spanish doping case, Operation Greyhound, but have been released from custody. Fuentes immediately flew to the Canary Islands.

The six, including former mountain biker Alberto Leon, were arrested on Thursday. They were indicted on Sunday for crimes against the public health after testifying before a judge in Madrid. All were allowed to leave without bail.

Fuentes' lawyer, Julian Perez Termplado claimed that his client was innocent of any involvement. “He has nothing to do with any of this, he is only dedicated to his work as a physician on the Canary Islands,” he said, according to as.com.

The current investigation appears to be mainly focused on track and field. Most of the names released in the previous Operacion Puerto probe were of cyclists, but it was also rumoured at the time that footballers were also involved.

Fuentes himself has apparently now further encouraged those rumours, as he is said to have told fellow cellmates over the weekend, “If I told them what I know, then goodbye to the World Cup and European championship.”

The Spanish national team are the reigning European and world champions, having won the titles in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

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