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Froome continues build-up in South Africa

Cycling News
January 21, 14:32,
January 21, 13:32
Second Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Chris Froome races in Sky colours for the first time

Chris Froome races in Sky colours for the first time

  • Chris Froome races in Sky colours for the first time
  • Chris Froome models the skimpy Team Sky skinsuit
  • Chris Froome manages a smile before the TTT at the Tour de France

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"I'm working hard but it's not like a training camp in Tenerife"

While the WorldTour is already underway in Australia, Chris Froome (Sky) is continuing his build-up to the 2014 season by training at home in South Africa ahead of his first race of the new campaign, the Tour of Oman in mid-February.

Froome’s last outing of 2013 was the Saitama Criterium in Japan in late October, after which he spent five weeks away from the training, longest break of his professional career. “I needed a mental break to escape from all the obligations,” he told L’Équipe.

The Tour de France winner then spent the month of December in Monaco before travelling to the southern hemisphere to begin his preparations for the new season in earnest. Sky soigneur Claudio Lucchini is also in South Africa with Froome, while Kanstantin Siutsou and trainer Tim Kerrison are set to join them next week.

When Froome returns to Europe in the spring, most of his altitude training will be carried out on Mount Teide, in Tenerife, but for now at least, he said he was happier to train on the roads near his home in the Johannesburg suburb of Parkhurst.

“Being here helps me stay fresher mentally. I’m working hard but it’s not like a training camp in Tenerife,” Froome said. “I’m at home, I’m relaxing, I see my friends and family. It’s an important part of my preparation and, what’s more, the altitude of 1600-1700 metres is very good for this kind of training.”

According to L’Équipe, Froome has been training in four-day blocks during his time in South Africa, riding early in the day to avoid the most intense heat. Last Friday, he trained for two and a half hours on his time trial bike, averaging over 300 watts for the session. However, Froome insisted that he does not pay that much attention to the reading on his power meter at this point in the year.

“Here I don’t have an eye fixed on my power meter. I’m looking left and right to see where the animals are,” he said.

Froome’s 2014 season begins at the Tour of Oman, which he won last season, and he also looks set to ride alongside Bradley Wiggins at both Tirreno-Adriatico and Milan-San Remo. Defending his Tour de France title is the main objective of Froome’s season, of course, and the grand rendezvous in July is never far from his thoughts.

“It’s always there, in the back of my mind. When I ride like this, all alone, I think about the big mountain finishes, the start in Great Britain, the pavé, the last time trial. I think of all of that and how I’ll approach it,” Froome said. “Today, I thought about how the race was going to pan out tactically, and I also thought about La Planche des Belles Filles [where he won in 2012 - ed.] I can’t wait to get back there.”

Ryo Hazuki 7 months ago
froome's true saving in the long term of his career may be that he's never at tenerife training camp, where riders health is destroyed by ridiculous training methods and regime. sky better learn from their mistakes or their cycling reign will be very short.
colnago200 7 months ago
Oh yeah its been a disaster so far....
Ryo Hazuki 7 months ago
can you even read?
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
What brought that on?
cantpedal 7 months ago
the problem is with the writing, not he reading
GuyIncognito 7 months ago
Actually it has for the classics riders. So much so that they've admitted failure and abandoned it. For stage racers? Froome doesn't go, Wiggins goes, they both seem to do well.
Dear Wiggo 7 months ago
From the article: "When Froome returns to Europe in the spring, most of his altitude training will be carried out on Mount Teide, in Tenerife, ..." el oh el at your "can you even read?" comment.
Moose McKnuckles 7 months ago
Tenerife has better docto….I mean hotels.
the sceptic 7 months ago
Maybe Dr Geert lives up there in the wilderness on Mt Teide, like a wise man giving advice to visiting cyclists.
HeadPack 7 months ago
That Leert Geinders, with the moustache and the thick glasses? Seems quite the guru on that island.
Lance, remember Bassons? 7 months ago
Oh Moose, you're so funny. I sometimes struggle to keep my sides together with your undoubted wit. Please keep it up.
70kmph 7 months ago
Guy is over rated
nightfend 7 months ago
He came in 1st and 2nd in the last two tours. You can't get much better than that, therefore he is not overrated, regardless of how much you dislike him.
Cance > TheRest 7 months ago
Overrated is not the right word. Overpowered is a better word.
Moose McKnuckles 7 months ago
Over doped is more like it.
Lance, remember Bassons? 7 months ago
Brilliant again Moose, simply brilliant. Stop it sides.... I cant take much more!!!!!!....
qwerty12 7 months ago
BackSeatRider 7 months ago
It still amuses me that Froome is listed as a UK rider. He was born in Kenya (to UK parents) and has homes in Monaco and South Africa. Seriously how long has this guy ever actually been in the UK?
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
He's British. Try to understand the difference between residence and nationality. It may be that he could have claimed Kenyan nationality by birth and for all I know he could have dual nationality, but he holds a British passport and is entitled to remain British wherever he lives.
GuyIncognito 7 months ago
Actually he's a kenyan national who raced for the Kenyan national team for the longest time until Sky had an opening for a british youngster, at which point he pronounced himself british because that could land him the job Many athletes in many sports do that, it's quite normal.
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
No, it's not as you say. He has ridden since 2008 under a British licence but did not join Team Sky until 2010.
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
For some reason the moderation system won't also let me point out to you exactly why he is entitled to his British passport but I think it's well known. See Wikipedia.
HeadPack 7 months ago
Good explanation for Monaco's team winning most World Championships. Could it be Froome can only stay a limited amount of time in the UK before this British national has to start paying taxes there?
Greg Khan 7 months ago
Froome is Kenyan
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
Of course. look him up. You had better set about getting his British passport revoked.
mononck 7 months ago
That is what really bothers you, isn't it? That is the real issue for some idiots like you on this site. You cannot stand that a british rider wins. You are a RACIST. Well, get used to it. Whatever you might say, the little flag that will appear next to his name in the classification table is the union flag, so is the flag that flew on the Champs Elysees last july. I hope it torments you. I like the idea of a RACIST like you being bothered.
BikesForDays 7 months ago
Nationality has nothing to do with someones race. Perhaps you mean Greg is a nationalist? Oh and by the way Froome is Kenyan :-)
mononck 7 months ago
Haha. He isn't. He is British. And you are a sh**stirrer....but a funny one. :-)
two20john 7 months ago
Should be a picture of him in the dictionary under "Plastic Brit"
the sceptic 7 months ago
Who is that fat guy in the picture by the way? Looks like he needs to lose 10 kg if he wants to win the tour de france.
DAVE P 7 months ago
That will his diaphram expanding as he inhales, don't fall for that old non-cyclist trap.
HeadPack 7 months ago
But that belly on his back seems to favor his aerodynamics.
Moose McKnuckles 7 months ago
Were it not for Horner's hilarious display at the Vuelta, Froome's Tour would have been the biggest cycling joke of the year.
ianfra 7 months ago
You may be an even bigger joke Moosey Goosey full of tripe.
oldcrank 7 months ago
Very intelligent of the Froome Dog Millionaire to train in South Africa at this time of year.
Lance, remember Bassons? 7 months ago
yes you're right...what with the warm weather and all that.
movingtarget 7 months ago
No power meter either. Watch out for those animals Chris.