French cycling federation increases members

Rise in numbers mainly due to BMX and mountainbike

The French Cycling Federation (FFC) has announced its 2010 membership figures, declaring a rise of 3.5 percent in comparison to last year. A total of 109,334 licencees have been active in the sport in France this year.  However, the increasing numbers are not due to road cycling but rather to off-road disciplines, which are becoming more and more popular.

"We have continuous growth and it is mainly due to BMX and mountainbike," said FFC president David Lappartient. Over this year, the subscriptions to BMX and mountainbike licences increased by 13 and eight percent respectively, gathering a total of 40.000 active members in these two disciplines.

Road cycling licences are also on the rise, but to a lesser extent. "The erosion of road cycling has also stopped, as we have a licence increase of 0.4 percent," Lappartient added.

For comparison, British Cycling membership has increased by 16 percent up to September 2010, to a total of 33,000 members.

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