Four Caja Rural riders injured in training accident

Team leader Moreno returns home from team camp in Mallorca

Spanish team Caja Rural has currently gathered in Mallorca for a training camp, but on Thursday four of its riders were injured in a crash. Javi Moreno, Igor Romero, José Herrada and Egoitz García all came to fall together after descending a small climb and slipping in a curve.

"The road was wet and in the curve there must have been some ice left," explained Moreno to Marca. "In front of me, my teammate crashed and I could not avoid him."

Moreno, who was scheduled to race some of the Mallorca Challenge starting on Sunday, has now left the camp for further examinations in Jaén. Fortunately, the initial diagnosis of a kneecap fracture turned out not to be true, but doctors still need to find out the extent of his knee injury.

"The x-rays in the hospital of Palma did not show any fracture, but doctors still put some wire in my knee to protect it until I get further examinations done in Jaén," Moreno said.

"I hope it's nothing and that I will soon be back on the bike. I wouldn't like to miss out on the Vuelta a Andalucía [February 20-24 - ed.]."

His teammate Romero was less lucky as he suffered a fracture of the head of the radius. Herrada received a strong blow to his wrist and García came away with some scraped skin and bruises

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