Dutch athletes involved in HumanPlasma doping scandal

Cyclists play a role in scandal, NADA head says

At least three Dutch athletes are involved in the HumanPlasma doping case, according to Dutch media. The Austrian National Anti-Doping Agency announced yesterday that it was investigating some 30 athletes for doping violations in connection with blood-doping.

Herman Ram, of the Dutch National Anti-Doping Agency, confirmed to the Dutch site ad.nl that at least three former Dutch athletes are involved in the case. While he did not release names or which sport they belong to, he did say that “cyclists play an important role in the dossier.”

Former Rabobank riders Michael Boogerd, Thomas Dekker and Michael Rasmussen have all been previously questioned in the case. Ram said that disciplinary procedures would follow the investigation.

HumanPlasma was involved in blood transfusions for athletes between 2003 to 2006. Stefan Matschiner, the former manager of former Gerolsteiner rider Bernhard Kohl is alleged to be a central figure in the investigation. Kohl admitted to his role in the scandal after he tested positive for CERA in the 2008 Tour de France.

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