Dunn's horror 2011 continues with training accident in Dubbo

Australian questioning cycling future

Australian dual Commonwealth Games gold medalist Megan Dunn has been involved in a second road accident in the same number of months. Dunn hit a pothole at around 70km/h, flew through the air and was knocked unconscious. When she came to she had a truck barreling down at her. Fortunately she managed to get out of the way, but with her injuries sustained will miss a large chunk of training, further denting her preparation for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Dunn suffered a broken elbow and two fractured collarbones - however it’s not the physical injuries that faze Dunn, but rather the mental scarring. The accident comes just six weeks after another road incident in which the Australian was the victim of a hit and run on the outskirts of Dubbo. On that occasion Dunn was lucky to come away relatively uninjured, however the knock on effect is starting to play on the Australian’s mind.

"I’m just having such a bad run at the moment, the last six months - and now this," she told Prime News.

"Sometimes you feel like it would be easier to pack up and hang up the bike for a little bit, but I say that now only three days after the accident."

Despite the setback, her coach Gus Dawson was hopeful that Dunn would stay focused and continue training.

"She’s only 19 so hopefully she can brush herself off and continue on. She’s one of the most talented athletes to come out of this area in quite a while," said Dawson.

Dunn suffered a broken nose and required stitches to her hand in April. She had an interrupted summer after a bout of glandular fever earlier this year, and had more misfortune in December when she fractured her wrist in a crash.

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