Danish Federation board member positive for doping

Masters racer resigns from Federation and club

Søren Svenningsen has resigned from the Board of Directors of the Danish Cycling Union after testing positive for three substances at a masters-level race at the end of June. He has also resigned from his position as chairman of the Holte Bicycle Club.

The DCU announced the news Wednesday morning, saying that Svenningsen tested positive for testosterone and two different steroids an June 30 at the race.

"I am deeply shocked to have received the news of Søren Svenningsen's positive drug tests. We stand for a clear and consistent doping position in the DCU, and that a leader in the Danish cycling and even a board member of DCU tested positive, and thus breaks our trust, is inexcusable,” DCU president Tom Lund said on the federation's website.

"As President of DCU, I would like to emphasize that our anti-doping line will continue to be clear and consistent, and we will continue to hunt down cheaters. During 1999, we drew the line and introduced zero tolerance. In fact, Søren Svenningsen's case an example of successful collaboration with Anti Doping Denmark, as we have just pointed out the need to test in the veteran classes,” he said.

Svenningsen was formerly associated with the Danish Continental-ranked Team GLS, which rode under the name Capinordic in 2009.  It folded after that season when the sponsor withdrew.

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