Cycling Ireland to re-consider its nomination of McQuaid for UCI president

Irish federation to convene Extraordinary General Meeting

Pat McQuaid's efforts to earn a third term as UCI president may be in jeopardy as the Irish cycling federation, Cycling Ireland, today announced it would convene a EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) in regards to its endorsement of McQuaid earlier this month.

Anthony Moran, a Board of Cycling Ireland vice-president, was the only dissenting vote at the April 12 meeting which endorsed McQuaid for a third term as UCI president. Moran resigned from the board and has claimed that the board meeting was not held within strict accordance of the federation’s rules. He had asked the clubs of Ireland to call for an EGM and Cycling Ireland today agreed.

"Cycling Ireland at a meeting of its Board on April 26th decided to convene an EGM to consider matters which have arisen following the decision taken at its Board meeting on April 12th, to nominate Mr Pat McQuaid to stand for the position of UCI President," read a statement from Cycling Ireland Secretary Geoff Liffey. "Details of the EGM will be circulated to all clubs early next week."

In order to stand for another term as UCI president, McQuaid needs the support of a national federation.

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