Could Cavendish abandon Tour de France early to concentrate on Olympics?

Ellingworth considers race schedule

World Champion Mark Cavendish could abandon the Tour de France before the race reaches Paris in order to focus on his assault of the London Olympic road race.

The 2011 Tour de France green jersey winner abandoned the 2008 Tour in similar circumstances in order to build up for the Beijing Games.

Rod Ellingworth, Cavendish’s coach at Team Sky, told The Guardian about Cavendish’s possible plans.

“Mark has said he wants to finish the Tour, but if he knows that he can win the Olympics, he will take the final week day by day.”

“If the green jersey comes, it comes. He wants to win stages at the Tour, not have the green jersey as his main objective. There is a chance he could get off in the Tour if he is tired and is digging himself into a hole.”

Cavendish had previously spoken about his desire to complete the Tour de France but The Guardian add that he and Ellingworth will move closer to a plan after the sprinter has ridden on the Olympic road course. Cavendish won the shorted version of the race in last year’s Olympic test event.

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