Contador, Spanish Federation to pay UCI and WADA's costs in Clenbuterol case?

Report says 450,000 euros incurred in appeal

A report in Spanish newspaper El Pais claims that the UCI and WADA are chasing 450,000 euros in expenses from Alberto Contador and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, following the referral of his doping case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Contador has consistently denied any wrong doing regarding his positive test from the 2010 Tour de France and stated that food contamination after eating a Spanish steak was the most likely cause for his positive control. He remains firm on his position and continued to reiterate his position after winning another grand tour, the Vuelta a Espana last month.

"That other number appears on paper, it is ultimately secondary to me. What matters is my own feeling and the impressions that remain in the retina of the spectators," he said. With his win in the Vuelta, Contador's official grand tour win tally stands at five, after he was stripped of his 2010 Tour de France and 2011 Giro d'Italia titles.

El Pais reports that the costs were incurred because Contador was initially acquitted by the RFEC and the UCI and WADA have detailed their expenses that were spent on lawyers, witnesses and research, and sent them on to the CAS.

The Contador's management will argue that they should not have to pay because the RFEC acquitted him, "the case started again from scratch and we did not intervene."


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