Confidential settlement reached between Sunday Times and Armstrong

British newspaper "entirely happy" with final resolution

The Sunday Times reports that it has reached a settlement with Lance Armstrong.

In 2004, the British newspaper was forced to pay the now-banned cyclist £300,000 (368,000 euros) after elements of the allegations raised in David Walsh's co-authored book "L.A. Confidentiel" were printed in an article printed on June 13, 2004 and written by Alan English. The suit was settled out of court in 2006 after London's High Court ruled that the article "meant accusation of guilt and not simply reasonable grounds to suspect." The judge said that the article strongly implied that Armstrong had taken performance enhancing drugs, and that The Sunday Times would have had to defend that position if the case went to trial.

Last December, The Sunday Times announced it was suing Armstrong for up to 1.2 million euros, based on the original legal costs plus interest, after the American was formally stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, along with all results going back to 1998 as well as receiving a lifetime ban following the United States Anti-Doping Agency investigation into the Armstrong and his associates.

This week's edition runs a story whereby it says that the newspaper, Walsh and English had "reached a mutually acceptable final resolution to all claims against Lance Armstrong related to the 2012 High Court proceedings and are entirely happy with the agreed settlement, the terms of which remain confidential."

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