Colnago expands website with seven languages

Italian bike manufacturer also introduces Colnago Club has gone international, presenting its website in seven different languages. Bike fans from around the world can now check out their favourite bikes online.

The Italian bike manufacturer revamped its website at the beginning of February, presenting it in Italian and English. Now it has added French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese versions.

“The addition of five more versions means the site is now available in languages spoken by three billion people worldwide,” the company said.

“Colnago Made in Italy now speaks seven languages, so it’s easier than ever for us to keep in touch with Colnago fans and riders all over the world” said company founder Ernest Colnago.

The website doesn't just inform about the bikes though. It also has news about the company and the teams and races it sponsors, as well as “an interactive timeline detailing landmarks in Colnago’s technical and racing history.”

Colnago also now offers the “Colnago Club,” a special area for its bike owners and fans. This club, has its own area on the website, and allows users to upload photos of their bikes, and also offers exclusive downloads and specials.


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