Castano confirms Contador informed of ban proposal

Says he must expect to lose Tour title

The president of the Spanish Cycling Federation confirmed that Alberto Contador has been informed of a proposal that he be banned for one year. Juan Carlos Castano emphasised that the ban was still only a proposal at this time, and mentioned that it had not been made public by the federation.

He also confirmed that Contador faces losing his Tour de France 2010 title. “He will lose the Tour if the sanction is upheld. That would be the minimum sanction.”

Castano told the Spanish radio program Tablero Deportivo that Contador had been told of the recommended one-year ban for Clenbuterol, but that he had not been sent the actual wording. “No decision has been reported, he has not been provided with the contents. It is only a proposal, not a resolution.”

He went on to explain the procedure. “Alberto has ten days to file an appeal. At the end of that time period, the Competition Committee will meet, look at his arguments and render its final decision.” Castano added that he expected the decision to be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport by Contador, the UCI and /or the WADA.

The news was not supposed to have been made public until Thursday, and the Federation denied having announced it Wednesday. "The Federation has not been the one that leaked the information,” Castano said. “It can only have come from the environment of the athlete, but that is speculation.“

Contador had indicated that he might retire if given a suspension for doping, and Castano urged him to change his mind. “Alberto has time to think and reflect,” he said. When he comes back, “he could compete in the world championships, for example. We must wait for the final resolution. An athlete must be prepared for these setbacks. “

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