Brown re-signs with Belkin

A thirteenth pro season for lead-out specialist

Graeme Brown has re-signed with Belkin for another season, the Australian an essential element of the success of sprinter Theo Bos.

Now 34, Brown originally signed on with the Rabobank outfit in 2006 making him the longest-serving member of the current line-up and in all that time has been bound by just one two-year deal.

"I've been in this team for quite a while now, and I feel at home here," Brown said. "The relationship with Theo has evolved in a good way in these last years. I see that my experience is important to him. He trusts me, and that's our key to success. We hope to do some nice sprints in the Vuelta again."

Since joining the Dutch squad, Brown has evolved from sprinter to lead-out man and earlier this season, told Cyclingnews that the switch in role was a "no-brainer."

"He's quicker than me so it's about making sure he wins the race," he explained. "It's not rocket science. There's no use him leading me out - I'm not quicker than him."

According to sports director Nico Verhoeven, Brown plays a major role in getting Bos, who has won six times this season, to the line in the right position.

"The last couple of years Graeme has been a crucial element for Theo Bos. They've done almost every race together and Graeme was key in Theo's wins," said Verhoeven. "He knows what's expected in the final of a race and you really need someone like that in your team. Graeme is a pillar for Theo, so it's only logical we wanted to extend his contract."

Brown lines up for his ninth grand tour at the Vuelta a España later this month.

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